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Engineius ramps up profile to become go-to vehicle movement provider

Vehicle movement specialist Engineius is looking to grow its profile as it positions itself as the go-to movement provider across the fleet sector.

Engineius was founded to alleviate the pain points that fleet operators had with vehicle movements

Founded in 2017, the service has been developed to bring vehicle movement “out of the dark ages” by using technology to make everything transparent.

It enables customers to get an instant price with guaranteed fulfilment and live tracking of every movement. And it’s underpinned by a portal that allows companies to book, track, and manage vehicle movements all in one place, entirely online.

Speaking to Fleet World, CEO Chris Clibbery explained: “Our proposition is basically that it doesn’t matter what you want moved and it doesn’t matter where you want it moved in the UK, the highlands and the islands. If you put it on our portal, then we’ll do that movement for you. That is basically it in a nutshell.”

Since launching, the business has grown fast to create a network of over 500 drivers and agents across the UK, providing around a thousand vehicle movements a week. Clients range from rental and leasing firms to dealerships and end-user fleets, and include ARI, Hertz, Hitachi and Buyacar.co.uk, among others.

Engineius commercial director Calum Slowther

The service has a number of USPs that have attracted customers, according to commercial director Calum Slowther.

“We founded the business to alleviate the pain points that fleet operators had and came across three things.

“The first one was that the solution needed to be a one-stop shop, so no matter where you were, you could enter those movements online and book and track them in the same way. And it needed to be easy.

“It also needed to be instant. So customers get an instant, guaranteed price so long as you put in all the info you need and it generates a price upfront. And then you can forget about the rest and leave it to Engeneius.

“The third pillar is transparency. That’s what really sets us apart from the rest of the market. Probably the best way to highlight it is that the minute the customer gets a text about a vehicle movement booking, they get a link and they can track that vehicle and see photos in real time. Some customers even use the technology to remotely appraise vehicles in real time. Everything we know about the movement, the customer knows too.

“Our promise to customers is that everything is transparent so they can log onto the system and they can see everything about that movement that we can.”

Since founded, the business has been doubling year-on-year. And its proposition of being comprehensive, instant and transparent has resonated equally across the fleet and automotive sector, whether the business is involved in rental, leasing, dealership, insurance or core fleet; Slowther says Engineius is seeing a really good even demand across all the sector for what it does.

Customers can see photos in real time and some use the technology to remotely appraise vehicles

But Engineius is now looking to grow awareness of its work – while it initially focused on making sure the proposition was right and then later on onboarding customers and building the accounts up, Slowther said the the business is now ready to come out from under the radar.

“The time is right for us to grow,” he explained. “We’ve done a lot of work with the system and the service we’re delivering to customers is consistent – delivering on the promises we made.

“We’ve now got to the point where we can keep putting scale onto the platform and the platform will keep delivering.”

Picking up, Chris Clibbery said: “For the moment it’s about awareness. Although there a number of people who know about Engineius in the industry, they probably know about us because they are using us. The people who aren’t using us probably don’t know us.

“What we want to do now is use we want that brand awareness; we want to create that brand. We want to position Engineius as the go-to movement provider.

“With the online world, with a lot business going online and people going to the broker market, we want to be that plug-in.

“Now is the time that we feel that we are right as a business to create that awareness around what Engineius does.”

Engineius CEO Chris Clibbery

Its work on taking inefficiencies out of the sector includes minimising the eco impact of vehicle movements. The business doesn’t use duplicate ‘chaser’ vehicles or drivers to make sure drivers get back from jobs. Instead, drivers use public transport where needed but the priority is on using joined-up jobs and return legs to ensure that return journeys are incorporated into day-to-day business as much as possible.

Its focus on eco considerations particularly includes its work with electric vehicles; as revealed in a recent blog post, Engineius uses a ‘drive-first policy’ for electric vehicle movements to cut both the cost and emissions involved with EV deliveries. It also runs EV-specific training modules with its drivers to ensure the end customer gets a great first impression with their new vehicle.

And the focus extends to ensuring its own drivers are fully trained and supported in their work.

Chris Clibbery added: “Our drivers are just as important as our customers; because your reputation is only as good as the last delivery you do. So we try very much to ensure we have a route for customers and we have a route for drivers. And we share our education with both of them.”

The Engeneius proposition is also designed to be a true end-to-end service for customers, taking care of all liaison on the front and back-ends, and supported by full reporting.

Slowther summed up: “Vehicle movement sounds very basic but the difference our service has made to customers is significant.”

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Natalie Middleton

Natalie has worked as a fleet journalist for nearly 20 years, previously as assistant editor on the former Company Car magazine before joining Fleet World in 2006. Prior to this, she worked on a range of B2B titles, including Insurance Age and Insurance Day. Natalie edits all the Fleet World websites and newsletters, and loves to hear about any latest industry news.