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Our panel of leading suppliers helps you get the most out of your fleet…

Telematics, Tracking & Navigation

Look closer at how to improve MPG by up to 20%

Fleet managers today are dealing with such an overload of work when overseeing vehicles – from monitoring and maintaining to leasing and compliance – that it’s easy to overlook the people who drive them. But poor driver behaviour impacts fuel bills more than vehicle inefficiencies. And the larger your fleet, the more costly this oversight becomes.

So how do you keep an eye on all your drivers? With fleet telematics solutions. While tracking vehicles and providing insightful data overview is hardly new, one of these telematic solutions has been shown to improve MPG by up to 20% – and increase productivity by up to 10%. Better still, it has no hidden start-up fees and requires no long-term commitment. Its name? Tele-Gence. This is part of a comprehensive suite of fleet management solutions called My Fleet Hub. Suitable for all vehicles, Tele-Gence offers smart, affordable telematics made simple. Intelligent, intuitive and event-driven, it combines fuel card use with tracking data to ensure valuable savings, offers in-depth reporting on pump pricing, driver behaviour, fuel fraud, and vehicle tracking, while reducing the risk of accidents. Its user-friendly services are customisable with bespoke options scalable to specific needs, with frictionless access from the Cloud, and support from a UK-based team.


Business mileage capture & eliminating expense overclaims

Remote Mileage Manager, driven by our automotive approved telematics device to eliminate the need for recording expenses manually, reduces administration and inaccurate claims, while guaranteeing business compliance with HMRC regulations.

The goal is to mitigate against the risk of private mileage being claimed as business mileage and company fuel cards used to refuel private vehicles. Using telematics to record journeys, it prevents drivers from overclaiming trips and maximises the ability for validation of accurate business mileage claims.

Customers using this service have seen that even the best drivers have reduced their claims by 60 miles a month – with a return on investment of 1 month. Within our largest customers, we have seen up to a 17% reduction in business miles claims across driver populations on a like for like basis.

By connecting to the vehicle CANbus network, RMM integrates fuel tank level and refuel events, MPG and specific GPS location data, with an upload from all major fuel cards to deliver a detailed breakdown of total card spend. This provides payroll with accurate deduction.

Airmax Remote also offer a non-telematic Grey Fleet Mileage Manager using Google Map integration as well as automated DVLA lookup to proactively validate pence-per-mile claims.


Until cars drive themselves, it’s autonomous humans that need managing

With all the talk of connected car and self-driving vehicles, it would be easy to assume that managing driver behaviour is just a short-term responsibility – after all, when the robots take over, collisions will end, right? (Well, that’s the theory.)

But for the foreseeable future, managing company car drivers and ensuring that their autonomy behind the wheel is safe and subject to appropriate levels of monitoring remains an important aspect of a fleet manager’s role. In addition to increased pressure to fulfil a duty of care, there are many business benefits that spin out from this – from fuel cost savings, to productivity improvement and driving down the escalating cost of fleet insurance.

Fortunately, the cost of telematics technology is plummeting, thanks to the use of smartphone apps that deliver almost identical functionality to traditional ‘black boxes’. Appy Fleet, from Trak Global Group, is exactly this kind of tool. The app tracks your drivers and reports into a Fleet Manager Dashboard; each driver gets detailed feedback and a Driving Style Score, encouraging safer driving and creating friendly competition within teams.

Appy Fleet can be trialled for free on iOS and Android.

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Telematics and electric vehicles

By 2040, the UK government plans to end the sale of all new, conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans. This is part of the UK government’s ambition to improve air quality by investing more in low or zero emission cars such as electric vehicles. Hybrid vehicles will also still be available.

When placed in an electric vehicle, telematics can monitor and record data to help:

  • Improve driving styles
  • Monitor energy consumption per kilometre
  • Monitor the amount of energy regenerated
  • Monitor battery state of charge

Using sophisticated EV (electric vehicle) reporting tools, fleet operators can produce daily, weekly or monthly reports on start and end state of charge for every trip, overall energy consumption statistics (both used and regenerated) and current battery status.

Telematics’ ability to observe and report on driving styles helps to improve it. This, in turn, improves safety, energy consumption and energy generation. Early notification of low battery state of charge levels can also assist with managing electric vehicle fleets.

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Workforce management and fleet optimisation made possible with TomTom Telematics

WEBFLEET is TomTom Telematics award-winning fleet management solution that provides real-time information about the location of your LCVs, lets you communicate directly with your drivers, helps to improve workflow management, save on fuel and connects to a whole ecosystem of third-party solutions.

• Become more agile – WEBFLEET allows businesses with LCVs to be more dynamic and flexible. Send the right person to the next job based on the shortest travel time. It keeps your workforce out of traffic and makes sure your technicians arrive on time. What’s more, your customers can be informed of accurate ETAs.
• Maintain service levels – WEBFLEET can provide transparency to your clients with ‘time on site’, ‘arrival times’, ‘proof of delivery’ and much more.
• Modular and scalable – TomTom Telematics’ hardware for LCVs can be rapidly installed into any commercial vehicle. If you want to upscale, WEBFLEET can be swiftly deployed across your entire fleet.
• Extend functionality – Once installed it’s easy to extend functionality. Connect to PRO driver terminals for easy navigation and communication with your office. Allow 3rd party hardware to connect via Bluetooth and capture additional data from the vehicle with LINK.connect, such as temperature sensors, tyre pressure, barcode scanning, RFID.

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Go beyond vehicle tracking with Trakm8

Trakm8 is a leading provider of telematics, vehicle cameras and fleet optimisation. We are one of the only telematics providers to design and manufacture our telematics devices in the UK, and are proud to hold the ‘Made in Britain’ marque.

Trakm8 focuses on delivering actionable insights to its customers, enabling them to improve efficiencies, reduce risk and cut carbon emissions. As a result, our clients benefit from lower insurance premiums, reduced fuel, maintenance and repair overheads, and higher workforce productivity.

Trakm8’s solutions include the market-leading RH600 4G telematics camera; innovative new Insight telematics platform; and award-winning fleet optimisation. Our Optimisation solution goes beyond basic route planning to increase vehicle utilisation and cut total fleet mileage, with clients reporting efficiency savings of up to 20% and productivity increases of up to 30%.

Trakm8 also specialises in dash cams, multi-camera systems for FORS accreditation; driver behaviour analytics, digital tachograph integration; trailer tracking; and telematics for plant equipment. Furthermore, it is an acknowledged leader in vehicle health alerts and optimising ultra-low emission vehicles.

Fleet managers are increasingly turning to Trakm8 as a single-source supplier, providing an integrated, user-friendly fleet management solution. Trakm8 has more than 250,000 live devices connected to its servers.

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