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Our panel of leading suppliers helps you get the most out of your fleet…

Software & Apps

Airmax Remote – the leading telematics and data provider

Airmax is at the forefront of UK telematics technologies. We have been since 2004, So, we know a thing or two about the industry and the ability to maximise your fleet potential. Specialising in providing integrated, telematics services to Corporate Fleets and White Label Solutions to the Leasing and Contract Hire Sectors. Integrated with Vehicle Fleet Procurement system, Leaselink we are able to provide seamless delivery of services throughout the dealer network, prior to vehicle delivery. But what is telematics? It is a black box device installed in a vehicle, whereby we utilise the OBD port to collect and generate vehicle specific data from the vehicle CANBus, providing an insight led approach to reporting. By creating visibility of field assets to achieve expected residual values and complimenting existing SMR and FNOL processes.

Once installed, customisable services create value added services to fleets such as driver behaviour, driver and vehicle performance, Vehicle Track & Trace and mileage capture for HMRC compliance, all accessible through a central, configurable application.

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Keeping you legal and fiscally sound

When it comes to compliance and saving money, we have your back.

For fleets, the legal and fiscal landscape is forever changing – and changing fast. In the UK, HMRC now requires all businesses to submit electronic VAT returns. In the UAE, new plate rules and robust regulation to clean up the automotive spare parts market are being implemented on top of the recent VAT introduction in the GCC markets.

The UAEs new licence plate changes alone could equate to over 6,000 Euros of unexpected cost for a reasonably sized fleet! Whilst UAE Auto parts manufacturers, dealers and mechanics are trying to estimate the cost of complying with the new UAE Vehicle Control System ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology) kitemark.

Meanwhile, Europe is taking the lead on utilising the new WLTP measures and cities across the region are expanding their low emission zones, forcing fleets to accelerate vehicle policy reviews and selection.

All of this has a bearing on fleet costs, reporting and record-keeping.

The Bynx fleet and mobility management platform can help offset additional mandatory costs by increasing efficiency and instilling better management of fleet overheads. In addition, recent Bynx versions – including the newly-released v12.8 – supports all the legal and fiscal changes required to keep your fleet compliant. Stronger reporting capability continues to influence corporate governance and precise record-keeping.


Theft recovery solutions to beat the thief

We offer integrated theft recovery solutions and real time driver behavioural data to many of the UK’s leading fleet providers and operators.

Access to information is critical. Critical in providing real time and historic data, that serves as an enabler to make efficient and effective decision making to drive financial and operational enhancement. CanTrack GPS consolidates big data and presents it in a clear, visible and highly intuitive live dashboard and reporting suite. Protecting billions of pounds worth of equipment on a daily basis.

With a recovery rate of less than 55% in the UK when vehicles are stolen, vehicle theft is becoming a national epidemic. That’s where CanTrack Protect comes in. We have an average recovery rate of 91% and are the only non-wired stolen vehicle solution to be accredited by Thatcham and Secured by Design. Our theft recovery solutions safeguard high value assets in the plant, construction, logistics, marine, agricultural, medical and specialist sectors. Since our inception, we have reunited partners with over £20m worth of equipment.

In today’s environment visibility of your assets isn’t just nice to know, it’s need to know. Asset data and recovery solutions that help operators stay ahead of the game.

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Integrating mobility management through fleet management software

With traditional fleet management progressing towards mobility management, selecting the best transport options will be based on an understanding of both the needs of the business and its employees.

Whilst a company car may provide the best transport solution in terms of a door-to-door service, mobility management considers the other transport options available to provide an employee with a similar flexibility and productivity at lower costs.

In addition to company cars, mobility management travel options include allowances for personal vehicle use, pool cars, short term rentals, public transport options and even private hire companies such as Uber and Lyft.

Fleet management software can apply the principles of both the Total Cost of Ownership and the Total Cost of Mobility to help determine the most efficient, streamlined and cost-effective options.

As mobility becomes an integral part of fleet management, better transport decisions can be made across all fleet assets within a business – and this includes the workforce too!

Existing fleet management software such as Chevin’s FleetWave is an integral part of mobility management. Such technology capabilities needed to successfully move towards a mobility management structure are already available to fleets.


Award-winning software with integrated business-critical apps

Technology including Jaama’s multi award-winning fleet solutions – Key2 asset and driver management system and ‘MyVehicle App’ – are essential tools in driving forward vehicle operating efficiencies and reducing the administration burden for fleet operators.

Fleet management software should act as the hub of a wheel with the spokes being the data feeds drawing on information from numerous disparate sources into one central repository.

Effectively collecting data from multiple sources enables fleet decision-makers to obtain a holistic view of the entire operation and ensures strategic informed decisions are made with regard vehicles, drivers and journeys.

Add in the growing use of smartphone apps, that crucially deliver the ability for drivers to provide data back into the fleet system instantaneously, and it means that the availability and volume of real-time information to fleet decision-makers is unprecedented.

‘MyVehicle App’ from Jaama delivers exceptional levels of efficiency and integration with Key2 which is unique in the marketplace. It also helps employers meet their driver and vehicle compliance obligations by ‘pushing’ information out to drivers.

Martin Evans, managing director of Jaama, said: “Key2 and ‘MyVehicle App’ are revolutionising vehicle and driver management and significantly reducing burdensome manual tasks. Our vision, along with our customers, is the paperless office and we are taking huge strides to achieve this vision.”

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Putting a wealth of information in the hands of your drivers

Keeping on top of every car in your fleet can be difficult for any business. For many companies their fleet management is conducted across varying departments or as a secondment to a primary role which can be challenging and time consuming. State-of the-art, data rich online systems are proving to be the best solution for a business to manage their fleet; reducing paperwork, improving efficiency and ultimately saving the fleet operator time and money.
Our innovative driveVLS app makes the drivers’ lives easier too. The app, which is exclusive to our customers, is designed to put a wealth of information in the hands of your drivers; bringing real-time driver, vehicle and contract information together into one place.

Its unique features include sending push notifications to advise when key events such as service and MOT are due and allows your driver to quickly and easily view their vehicle’s current maintenance history.

When it comes to booking a service, repair or MOT the GPS enabled app uses the vehicle manufacturer and satellite position to locate the nearest approved dealership or Kwik Fit centre.

By using JCT600 VLS online reporting and the driveVLS app it will empower your business and drivers – providing total control of fleets, improve efficiency and allow staff to concentrate on their core duties.

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The time has come to make managing vehicles simple.

The technology now exists to deliver everything as pro-active services leaving you to focus on managing your business.

At ODO we have a single platform bringing together all the best service providers in the market and integrating them to deliver real business benefits.

By combining our App, ODO On the Go, with telematics, automated driver license checking, MOT monitoring we deliver complete grey fleet management.

Using the App for inspections, the 24/7 driver’s concierge service, pro-active service / MOT management, telematics and fuel monitoring you ensure your Vans are used efficiently for the work intended.

And for leased vehicles odometer monitoring prompts likely under / over contract mileage. Total Cost of Ownership and lease rate vehicle searching let’s you optimise the vehicles on your fleet.

With ODO vehicle management as a service is a reality.

Why stick with fleet management systems where you do all the work and move to a solution that actually works for you.


From fleet management to multi-modal mobility services

Suppliers of automotive finance and fleet management services can play a broader role beyond leasing or asset financing. The contracted vehicle usage (the finance/leasing perspective) can be linked to user centric, value-added mobility and connected car services via digital self-serve channels. By enabling such an end-to-end on-line customer journey, a broader and more complex supply chain of multi-modal mobility services can be managed.

To support this evolution from a systems point of view, we expanded our Miles product with a cloud-native micro-services architecture and decision support framework, dubbed Miles.next. This turns our existing Miles Core ERP application into a hybrid solution platform that can cover both automotive and multi-modal mobility; integrate seamlessly with other systems (through APIs in the cloud); provide high available web and mobile front ends and connect 3rd party apps, services and platforms.

Miles.next’s cloud-native micro-services architecture enables modular feature delivery, 24/7 availability and elastic on-demand scalability. Its real-time data integration, paves the way for predictive analytics and smart contracts.

With a strong focus on integration, customer self-serve and straight through processes, this puts our customers in a position to explore new business opportunities as true mobility aggregators.

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