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Software & Apps

Maximising your fleet potential with telematics and big data

Airmax is at the forefront of UK telematics technologies. We have been since 2004, so, we know a thing or two about the industry and the ability to maximise your fleet potential. Specialising in providing integrated, telematics services to Corporate Fleets and White Label Solutions to the Leasing and Contract Hire Sectors. Integrated with Vehicle Fleet Procurement system, Leaselink we are able to provide seamless delivery of services throughout the dealer network, prior to vehicle delivery. But what is telematics? It is a black box device installed in a vehicle, whereby we utilise the OBD port to collect and generate vehicle specific data from the vehicle CANBus, providing an insight led approach to reporting. By creating visibility of field assets to achieve expected residual values and complimenting existing SMR and FNOL processes.

Once installed, customisable services create value added services to fleets such as driver behaviour, driver and vehicle performance, Vehicle Track & Trace and mileage capture for HMRC compliance, all accessible through a central, configurable application.

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Managing the grey fleet conundrum

Grey fleet usage is on the rise, particularly in Europe where firms move to a ‘cash for cars’ option prompted by tax benefits. In some countries, almost a third of employees use their cars for business.

‘Cash for car’ alternatives can be an attractive option for employer and employee. The latter takes a boost in salary in exchange for using their own vehicle for business travel, the employer has fewer company cars to manage.

On the downside, it can make businesses vulnerable to risks and duty-of-care breaches if they don’t ensure those vehicles are road-worthy, safe, taxed and insured for business travel.

The Bynx fleet and mobility management solution provides a platform for managing grey fleet vehicles, where records can be created and populated throughout central enterprise management systems. Driver and vehicle licenses can be checked, vehicle details (age, condition, maintenance) recorded and fines scrutinised, validated and charged or paid accordingly.

For employers wishing to embrace the move to MaaS, Bynx modules offer the ability to create and manage carsharing pools across the employee base thus ticking an important environmental box.


Understanding ‘big data’ in our digital world

The automotive industry is adapting simultaneously with the digital age, in line with technological developments such as connected cars, autonomous vehicles and the increasing popularity of mobile devices as everyday management tools.

This results in increased levels of data for businesses when it comes to the management of their fleet vehicles, equipment, drivers and assets.

But it’s not enough to have the information to hand, you also need to be able to identify what’s relevant to your operation and understand what it means.

Too much data can be counterproductive, but by placing focused intelligence into context you will start to see the bigger picture.

When used correctly this intelligence supports more informed decisions, promotes better performance and provides actionable insight.

That’s where Chevin’s award-winning FleetWave comes in. Designed as a central repository for all things fleet, it enables fleet managers to make sense of data, ensure compliance and gain greater control over their operation. It’s even possible to aggregate data from multiple sources, including fully integrated mobile applications to derive even richer insight.

Put simply, it provides a more effective and efficient method of working by automating daily fleet-related functions, streamlining processes, reducing administrative workloads and improving compliance and cost.


eDriving – Redefining Driver Risk Management

More fleets are incorporating telematics into their driver risk management programmes, but are they using the data to its full advantage and taking prompt action to address driver weaknesses and improve behaviour for the long-term?

eDriving’s award-winning solution, Mentor by eDriving, uses smartphone sensors to collect and analyse driver behaviours most predictive of risk including acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding, and phone distraction.

Mentor evaluates drivers’ behaviour after every trip and over time. As a result of eDriving’s partnership with FICO®, drivers receive an individual FICO® Safe Driving Score, validated for its ability to predict the likelihood of a driver being involved in a future crash.

Mentor not only identifies risky behaviour, but helps remediate it by providing engaging, interactive micro-training modules (3-5 minutes) delivered directly to the driver in the smartphone app. These modules are currently available in 14 languages.

Mentor incorporates many elements of gamification, including its “Circles” feature that encourages friendly competition (emojis/ chat messaging) between co-workers and creates informal talking points for managers, helping make safety part of every day.

Mentor also incorporates First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and walk-around vehicle checklists, with key fault alerts being automatically notified to the leasing company.

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Award-winning software with integrated business-critical apps

Technology including Jaama’s multi award-winning fleet solutions – Key2 asset and driver management system and ‘MyVehicle App’ – are essential tools in driving forward vehicle operating efficiencies and reducing the administration burden for fleet operators.

Fleet management software should act as the hub of a wheel with the spokes being the data feeds drawing on information from numerous disparate sources into one central repository.

Effectively collecting data from multiple sources enables fleet decision-makers to obtain a holistic view of the entire operation and ensures strategic informed decisions are made with regard vehicles, drivers and journeys.

Add in the growing use of smartphone apps, that crucially deliver the ability for drivers to provide data back into the fleet system instantaneously, and it means that the availability and volume of real-time information to fleet decision-makers is unprecedented.

‘MyVehicle App’ from Jaama delivers exceptional levels of efficiency and integration with Key2 which is unique in the marketplace. It also helps employers meet their driver and vehicle compliance obligations by ‘pushing’ information out to drivers.

Martin Evans, managing director of Jaama, said: “Key2 and ‘MyVehicle App’ are revolutionising vehicle and driver management and significantly reducing burdensome manual tasks. Our vision, along with our customers, is the paperless office and we are taking huge strides to achieve this vision.”

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Help for fleet managers is now literally at hand

Managing vehicles, even just a few vans, costs time and money. And the bigger the fleet, the more these costs start to spiral. Rising fuel prices, maintenance bills, mileage reporting, vehicle checks… it all adds up. In today’s more diligent world, there are more responsibilities for fleet managers than ever before. Fortunately, there are also more technology options to help overstretched fleet managers. And the best of these are now literally at hand in the form of smartphone apps. The problem then becomes one of choice and integration. How can fleet managers be sure they’ve made the right choice of apps, and will they integrate smoothly with their workflow? One solution that’s proving increasing popular is the all-in-one fleet management solution: My Fleet Hub. This comprises a full suite of online tools designed to save time and money. Notable among these are the Drivers Club app, which enables drivers to find more affordable fuel faster and save with big brand offers; the MyDriveSafe.Expert app for easier daily vehicle checks; Tele-Gence for simpler vehicle tracking and reporting, improving MPG by up to 20%; and MyService.Expert which saves up to 30% on vehicle servicing and maintenance.

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APP agility…

There is an ever-increasing array of APPs appearing in the sector, all offering at first glance everything you need to support your business. The market out there is very disruptive and changing rapidly, your APP needs to deliver real benefit today and the supplier needs to be agile in their delivery approach to ensure your future needs are going to be catered for.

ODO “On the Go” was designed to take advantage and to bridge that gap between the today real-time fleet management needs and the future connected car experience. As we see a steady increase in demand to providing support to fleets with ownership variables, compliance requirements, duty of care, Eco policy support, fuel, trip and time management, it is essential that the technology provides real business benefit in an easy to use and cost-effective way.

The emerging trend is non-fleet experts managing this sphere who will be more reliant on automated tech taking over the mundane activity, with workflow supporting the exception management, infringements and alerts.

At ODO we realised that any APP had to be easy to use and it had to cater for different types of users. Agility was high on our agenda and remains so. Every client has a slightly different way of working and a level of flexibility is essential if you are going to get true business benefit.

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Increase fleet visibility and reduce your fuel and mileage expenses

When operating a fleet, it can be tricky to ensure your drivers aren’t exaggerating their business mileage. But at TMC we give you greater visibility over your drivers’ journeys.

With our industry leading app, we use GPS to track journeys and load them directly into the mileage capture system. With no need to connect to a PC, and with the ability to upload fuel receipts by taking a photo through the device’s camera, logging mileage couldn’t be easier for your drivers.

The app is Bluetooth enabled, and activates as soon as the driver starts their vehicle, capturing driver behaviour including harsh braking, cornering and speeding events. From this data we create detailed reports to highlight high risk drivers, the cost savings made, and demonstrate cost saving potentials.

Complex algorithms are used to audit the data and highlight when things don’t quite match up. Our friendly customer services team contact drivers to resolve these discrepancies. Our audit process typically reduces the cost of mileage claims by an average of 15.4%, this equates to an average saving of 18.06 per litre.

TMC’s app helps you identify and rectify potential misuse and acts as a deterrent, ensuring drivers don’t make false claims in future, all whilst reducing your internal administration times. It’s a unique product in the marketplace, majoring on TMC’s driver focussed approach and proven ability to affect behavioural change.


Telematics: what can smaller fleets get out of tracking?

When we think of telematics, it’s easy to discount just how beneficial vehicle tracking devices can be. Particularly for smaller and single vehicle fleets, the costs associated with telematics can obscure the added-value potential of tracking data. At WEX Telematics, we have responded by expanding our telematics offering, so smaller operations can also reap the benefits of ‘big data’.

Introducing the new Atom device: perfect for smaller businesses focused on vehicle security. Along with providing location information to help combat theft, Atom enables smaller fleets to monitor private versus business mileage and assess performance. Easy to install directly onto the vehicle battery, Atom offers a simple and cost-effective telematics solution, without the need for professional installation – helping small businesses keep costs low. Additionally, all our telematics devices are integrated with the Esso Card™ fuel card – streamlining admin processes and helping to monitor fuel efficiency.

There is a world of data now available to help businesses work smarter – it’s just about using the right tools to process that data. Our digital management dashboard has also been updated to enable customers to request advanced, tailor-made reports. The real question is; can you afford to let all this insight pass you by?

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