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Tag : road safety

Brake podcasts to share solutions on safe and healthy roads

12 months ago / 0 comments

Brake has gone live with a series of podcasts exploring how we might reach Vision Zero, where no one is killed or seriously injured on roads.

RoSPA partners with Neuron Mobility to drive e-scooter best safety practice

1 year ago / 0 comments

RoSPA has teamed up with electric scooter operator Neuron Mobility on a project that will spearhead best safety practice for the e-scooter market.

Road safety personalisation could provide answers for business fleets

1 year ago / 0 comments

New-found trust in technology, along with a growing awareness in changing behaviours, looks set to heighten interest in road safety ‘personalisation’ for businesses, according to TTC … Read More »

GEM calls on government to renew focus on road safety

1 year ago / 0 comments

Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist is urging the UK government to put in place a comprehensive new focus on road safety.

Government urged to increase police road presence to save lives

1 year ago / 1 comments

The government should be guided by the science and prioritise roads policing to save lives and to combat wider criminality, suggests a new report released today … Read More »

GEM Motoring Assist urges fleets to sign up to Project EDWARD

2 years ago / 0 comments

Taking place this Thursday, 26 September 2019, GEM Motoring Assist is encouraging all road users to support Project EDWARD (European Day Without A Road Death).

Government looks at new proposals for cycling offences

3 years ago / 0 comments

The Government has launched new proposals for new cycling offences that could see cyclists punished for riding dangerously.

Insurers key to providing emotional support

3 years ago / 0 comments

Insurers could be key in providing victims and their families with emotional support after an accident, says RedArc.

Sadiq Khan plans 20mph blanket over London

3 years ago / 0 comments

The Mayor of London, Transport for London (TfL) and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) have published London’s first ‘Vision Zero’ action plan, which includes 20mph as … Read More »

New app reads road signs for dyslexic drivers

3 years ago / 0 comments

A new app that reads written road signs and written traffic information out loud has launched.

Fifth of fleet drivers suffer accidents from using mobiles at wheel

4 years ago / 0 comments

One in five (19%) UK firms say their employees have been involved in an accident while driving for work due to using a handheld phone at … Read More »

Three new unmarked HGVs to tackle distracted drivers

4 years ago / 0 comments

Highways England is to deploy three new unmarked HGV ‘supercabs’ following the success of its inaugural initiative.

Mobile speed cameras catching phone users and seatbelt offenders

4 years ago / 0 comments

More than a third of UK police forces are using their mobile speed camera vans to prosecute drivers not wearing seatbelts or using a handheld mobile … Read More »

New tech could detect drivers ignoring ‘Red X’ signs

4 years ago / 0 comments

New technology that could automatically detect drivers not complying with ‘Red X’ lane closure signs on smart motorways could go live from the spring.

6,000 drivers caught at least twice for driving distracted

4 years ago / 0 comments

A hard-core of drivers are persisting in using handheld phones behind the wheel despite the increase in penalties last March.

20mph scheme report causes controversy

4 years ago / 0 comments

The effectiveness of 20mph schemes in the UK has come under fierce debate this week after figures from Bath & North East Somerset Council (BaNES) suggested … Read More »

Lane-hogging legislation failing to catch culprits

4 years ago / 0 comments

Drivers are still getting away with ‘lane hogging’ despite the introduction of new penalties to tackle the issue four years ago.

Remove distracting roadside billboards, says Drive Smarter

4 years ago / 0 comments

Roadside advertising billboards are posing an unacceptable risk to driver safety and should be removed to cut down on distraction.

Social media amongst biggest driving threats, finds IAM RoadSmart

4 years ago / 0 comments

UK driver’s biggest fears revealed by latest IAM RoadSmart‘s Safety Culture Survey.

Reduction in drivers caught using mobile phones after tougher penalties introduced

4 years ago / 0 comments

11% fewer drivers were caught while using a mobile phone, after new tougher penalties were introduced according to an FOI request by the RAC to police … Read More »

Second-gen Toyota Safety Sense package to roll out from January

4 years ago / 0 comments

Toyota is to roll out the second-generation of its Safety Sense active safety package from 2018, with new and upgraded features.

Motorists back ‘fag packet approach’ to road signs

4 years ago / 0 comments

A campaign calling for UK speed limit signs to be accompanied by images of car crashes to deter drivers from speeding has launched with strong backing … Read More »

Free guide for drivers on what to do at the scene of an accident

4 years ago / 0 comments

Aviva and St John Ambulance have compiled a simple step-by-step guide to what to do at the scene of an accident, as the UK’s Road Safety … Read More »

Cycling experience makes for better drivers, suggests research

4 years ago / 0 comments

Cyclist-drivers are faster at spotting potential dangers on the road than those who only drive cars, according to new research.

New THINK! road safety campaign aims to educate younger drivers

4 years ago / 0 comments

The latest THINK! road safety campaign video is intended to highlight the dangers of looking at mobile phones while driving.

Road fatalities reach five-year high

4 years ago / 0 comments

The Department for Transport is being urged to “redouble its efforts to bring road deaths down” as new government statistics show road deaths in Great Britain … Read More »