The international standard is held as the benchmark of good people management practice and explores practices and outcomes within an organisation under three performance headings: leading, supporting and improving. The Investors in People Standard is made up of nine indicators, each sitting under one of the three performance headings. To achieve Gold accreditation companies must secure all nine indicators at ‘developed’, ‘established’ and ‘advanced’ levels and seven of the nine indicators at ‘high performing’ level.

Peter Russian, chief executive of Investors in People Scotland, said: “This is an excellent achievement for Ogilvie Fleet. In having been accredited for 15 years, Ogilvie Fleet have benefitted from ongoing Investors in People advice, support and accreditation. I congratulate the organisation and its people on their ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

“Investors in People offers a flexible, practical and easy to use business improvement tool designed to help organisations and their people achieve their objectives.”

Ogilvie Fleet managing director Gordon Stephen commented: “It is a fantastic achievement. Like the customer service awards we keep winning and the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ accolade, it makes me feel exceptionally proud of our company and tells me that we have managers and staff who are working together to provide excellence within our business.

He added: “Achieving Investors in People Gold is a good yardstick for how well Ogilvie Fleet is doing. As a result, we have a far better chance of being a successful company, keeping our existing customers happy and winning new business.”