Corporate car clubs said to cut down on commuting by car

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Streetcar for Business surveyed thousands of its corporate members and found that employees who use the service have cut down on using a car for commuting by almost 50%. In contrast, they’ve increased their use of public transport by 27%, cycling by 11% and walking by 9%, with private mileage and taxi use down by almost 20%. As such, their employees have reported an improvement in their carbon footprint and business costs.

Brett Akker, Streetcar’s co-founder, said: 'Our research has shown that employees will consider greener ways to commute if they have a flexible transport option available at work for external meetings or unexpected business travel. When businesses join the scheme, employees get immediate access to a dense network of fuel-efficient vehicles across ten cities, meaning they can pick up a car at short notice from over 1100 locations or opt for a blend of Streetcar and public transport. The scheme has helped companies reduce the costs associated with private mileage and taxi expenses, as well as providing a welcome boost to their environmental profile.'

Cynthia New works for Surrey County Council which replaced its pool car scheme with Streetcar in 2008. She said: 'I need to make a number of external trips per week for meetings and home visits. Prior to the introduction of Streetcar, I commuted to work via car as I couldn’t always rely on the availability or reliability of the old pool car scheme. I now commute to work most days via public transport as I’m confident I’ll be able to get hold of a more environmentally friendly car from the club’s wide network and I save the Council money as I go.'

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