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Category : Comment

Curtis Hutchinson: Preparing for the EV surge

10 hours ago / 0 comments

Electric cars currently account for a tiny proportion of fleet vehicles but that is changing with improvement in affordability and infrastructure.

Comment: Why renewable energy will be a linchpin for fleets in a rapid time of change

2 days ago / 0 comments

Thomas Newby, chief operating officer (field & installation), Tonik Energy, on businesses can steal a march on greener fleet operations by embracing renewable energy solutions.

Comment: Driving the future – the role of clean transport in clearing the air

5 days ago / 0 comments

Michael Lewis, E.ON UK chief executive, on how industry and local, regional and national governments need to work together to tackle toxic air in our towns … Read More »

Fleet Heroes: How do we find our heroes?

2 weeks ago / 0 comments

Now in their 14th year, the Fleet Heroes 2019 awards will once more celebrate organisations delivering a cleaner and more efficient future for transport. Energy Saving … Read More »

Comment: Hydrogen’s role in phasing out vehicles running on fossil fuels

3 weeks ago / 0 comments

Is hydrogen part of the answer for a rapid shift away from fossil fuels in transport? Gareth Hinds from the National Physical Laboratory shares his vision … Read More »

Comment: Road usage charging to solve our transportation funding dilemma

3 weeks ago / 0 comments

Dr Ben Miners, chief innovation scientist at IMS (a Trak Global Group company), on how a system of road pricing would provide a fair and sustainable … Read More »

An electric future for UK fleets

4 weeks ago / 0 comments

Mike Brown, director of industry collaboration & partnerships at the University of Salford, on how the transition to EVs will bring a number of opportunities for … Read More »

Motor insurance and driving in the EU with a no deal Brexit

2 months ago / 0 comments

Following the UK Government’s updated advice on driving in the EU post Brexit, Michael Brooks, legal director at Corclaim takes a look at the insurance side … Read More »

Extra funding for EV charging points is welcome – but more must be done

2 months ago / 0 comments

Policymakers need to step up the pace on EV charging to get the EV ball really moving, says Paul Gisbourne, CEO of same-day delivery business CitySprint.

How the fleet space is ‘consumerising’ the B2B offering

3 months ago / 0 comments

Albert Chu, VP marketing & strategy, Masternaut, on how techniques seen in the consumer space are expanding into the fleet sector, bringing benefits to operators and … Read More »

Why fleet managers are the stormtroopers in the battle to save the planet

3 months ago / 1 comments

Fiona Howarth, CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles, comments on the big benefits electric vehicles could bring to fleet managers, as well as the overall energy system.

Doing the maths on opt-out vehicle maintenance

3 months ago / 0 comments

Clive Buhagiar, head of operational services, Alphabet (GB) Limited, looks at how fleets and opt-out drivers should take action to avoid extra costs and risks with … Read More »

Green credentials taking precedence over company car model and grade, says FleetCheck

3 months ago / 0 comments

Company car choice hierarchies could become less important in the near future, as employees place less focus on model and grade and more on eco friendliness.

Comment: Hands-free and hand-held phone debate misses the point

3 months ago / 0 comments

Following today’s publication of the Transport Select Committee’s report urging a clamp down mobile phone usage, Shaun Helman, TRL’s chief scientist – who provided evidence for the … Read More »

The efficiencies of fleet management software

3 months ago / 0 comments

Peter Marsden, principal consultant at business change consultancy Entec Si, on how the latest fleet software solutions can bring indepth benefits to fleets looking to move on … Read More »

Curtis Hutchinson: Hyundai’s fleet vision

3 months ago / 0 comments

Curtis Hutchinson, motor industry guru, looks at how the erstwhile retail brand’s focus has changed to the business sector and the role played by electrification.

Curtis Hutchinson: Joined-up thinking?

4 months ago / 0 comments

What should fleet professionals make of the current round of mergers, collaborations and joint ventures in the OEM world?

Comment: Preparing for the advent of autonomous vehicles

4 months ago / 1 comments

Ian McIntosh, CEO of RED Driving School, on the issues facing the adoption of autonomous vehicles.

How to change driver behaviour

4 months ago / 0 comments

Driver behaviour can have a major influence on the efficacy of your fleet, explains Mark Thorneycroft CMILT, head of telematics training at Connexas Group. However, collecting … Read More »

Curtis Hutchinson: Hyundai’s fleet vision

4 months ago / 0 comments

How the erstwhile retail brand’s focus has changed to the business sector and the role played by electrification.

For whom the road tolls

5 months ago / 0 comments

The subject of road user pricing has been back in the headlines following a new report from Centre for London. Natalie Middleton wonders if such a … Read More »

Duty of care: Helping NHS drivers understand the fundamentals

5 months ago / 0 comments

Neil Everatt, CEO at Selenity, on the need for stringent duty of care with NHS drivers.

Is the timing right for a mobility revolution?

5 months ago / 0 comments

Shaun Armstrong, co-founder of Creditplus, on whether fleets and consumers are ready for the future of mobility.

Curtis Hutchinson: Dealer satisfaction revealed

5 months ago / 0 comments

A company car off the road for servicing or repair work remains a painful experience for drivers of certain brands. The latest JD Power study reveals … Read More »

Preparing your fleet for Clean Air Zones

6 months ago / 0 comments

Climate change and environmental awareness are currently high on the political – and social – agenda. Consumers are more conscious about plastic use than ever before. … Read More »

Curtis Hutchinson: Breaking the rules

6 months ago / 0 comments

Peugeot’s product-led revival has been accompanied by a new way of doing things in its dealer network which is already resonating with user-choosers and SMEs.

Is the UK’s electric future grid-locked?

6 months ago / 0 comments

Matthew Walters, head of consultancy and customer data services at LeasePlan UK, outlines the biggest barriers facing electric vehicle adoption.

Curtis Hutchinson: It’s good to talk

6 months ago / 0 comments

Volvo’s product-led revival puts it in an ideal position to grow its fleet business, which is why it has recruited virtual sales managers to talk to … Read More »

Going electric: Is it suitable for your fleet?

7 months ago / 0 comments

The recent introduction of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London has put electric vehicles (EVs) to the forefront of fleet owners’ minds. EV fleets would avoid charges … Read More »

How distracted driving evidence has fallen behind latest technological changes

7 months ago / 0 comments

TRL’s head of impairment research Dr Paul Jackson and head of behavioural science Dr Neale Kinnear argue that the evidence base for distracted driving has failed … Read More »