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Shell Commercial Fleet

Future of Fleet

New Shell video explores industry innovations and challenges
The growing importance of data and connectivity, and how new technologies are changing the day-to-day role of the fleet manager.
Shell Commercial Fleet has produced a short video that brings together the views of industry experts to explore how technological innovations and environmental concerns will shape the future of the fleet industry.

“The combination of data and connectivity, together with electrification and other cleaner sources of fuel, actually mean that professional usage of the road will only rise.”

“We will see more fleets, and a more important role for fleet managers to optimise these transport systems.”

Eliron Ekstein

“This is a greatly exciting time for mobility and transportation, and the world of transportation is about to change dramatically.”

Dr Wolfgang Warnecke

“I think one of the top issues of concern for fleet managers at the moment will be the variety of options that there now are.”

“They have traditionally bought diesel cars, and they now have to think about the alternatives and when the vehicle is being used, and how it’s being used.”

John Kendall