“With this new tool, it’s easier to manage by exception because it allows fleet managers to focus only on the vehicles that require their immediate attention,” explained Tony Candeloro, vice president of customer information systems and product development at the global commercial vehicle and car fleet services provider.

“When you have to spread your focus across your entire fleet, it’s more likely that you’ll miss something important. The ARI Fleet Health Card allows to turn Big Data into action and allows you to work smarter and more efficiently.”

The tool will also allow users to see their fleet statistically distributed over a curve and uses real-time data to benchmark vehicles against the rest of their fleet as well as other fleets. Users will also be able to drill into the spend category and manage it more effectively in five different categories:

  • Cost per mile, vehicle cost per month and maintenance cost per gallon: Spotlights higher spend and fleet distribution from the median.
  • Five year history over fleet performance: Analyses inventory movement, cumulative fleet maintenance and mileage.
  • Fleet asset summary: Shows the asset type, number of units and spend amounts.
  • Vehicle spend per repair category: Details preventive maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, and rentals.
  • Repair categories: Focuses on costs affiliated with 13 major repair areas and indicates spend that has not yet occurred.
  • The company also annouced that in the coming months, ARI Fleet Health Card users will be able to similarly drill down into data in the utilisation/reliability, preventive maintenance and fuel categories.