The survey, undertaken for Ribble Cycles, was carried out amongst 1,136 workers and asked ‘Do you currently ever cycle to work?’ The results show that just 9% cycle to work while 87% don’t and 4% work from home.

When asked the reasons for not cycling, 42% said they live too far away, followed by 26% who said they were worried about having an accident. 25% said they weren’t a confident enough cyclists, while 20% cited weather conditions and 19% said they have to carry other items.

A total of 17% of respondents said their work doesn’t have shower facilities and 16% of respondents said there weren’t enough cycle lanes on their way to work.

The research comes as a new poll, commissioned by British Cycling, shows overwhelming public support for new cycling infrastructure. The polls reveals that 71% of people support building cycle tracks on main roads, with a further 11% unsure and just 18% opposed.

Chris Boardman, British Cycling policy advisor, said: “This YouGov poll shows us, yet again, that the vast majority of the public want to see more cycle tracks on main roads. This is what people are telling their democratically elected leaders they want; meaningful resource to deliver segregated infrastructure on an ambitious scale to unlock the benefits cycling can offer our society.”