The brand-new offices are at Croxley Green Business Park and provide three times the area of Tusker’s previous premises. Designed in line with the company’s brand image and corporate ethos and philosophy, the offices have also been designed with IT and communications rooms tailored to meet the requirements of the company’s latest systems, including its Fleetdesk fleet management solution.

The new offices are extremely environmentally friendly and use the latest heating, cooling and ventilation technology to produce a 50% energy saving compared to traditional office systems.

Environmental considerations were key in deciding the location as Tusker was keen to ensure that its expansion was achieved with minimal impact on the environment.

Conservation initiatives were also of fundamental importance and the new offices have a target of zero waste and 100% recycling of materials, plus on-site food composting, cardboard bailing and rainwater harvesting.

To restrict car usage, there is a car sharing scheme across the entire 70-acre estate and bikes are available for staff trips into the centre of Watford, along with free bus travel for all employees.

CEO David Hosking commented: ‘As the company continues to expand, we needed new offices that not only gave us the space we require to move the business forward, but that also reflected our forward-thinking and customer-focused approach.

‘As a carbon-neutral company, our commitment to the environment remains vital and we had to bear this in mind in making such a significant move for the company. Croxley Green meets all our needs for now and going forward.’