The contract will see Arval providing 200 company cars and 400 LCVs to Finning (UK) Ltd.

The project was spearheaded by a team representing all areas of the firm, in conjunction with the procurement specialists at ADR International and was actively supported by Arval's in-house Consultancy team. The review focused on a number of key areas including cost management, safety and driver comfort and a requirement to further reduce the company's carbon footprint and the overall environmental impact of its fleet.

The result of the extensive review was a decision to reduce the company car list from multiple manufacturers and over 3,000 model variations to a list containing three manufacturers and approximately 50 model variations. All vehicles on the current company car list are required to have a minimum NCAP four-star rating, ESC as standard and a maximum CO2 output of 160g/km.

The choice of company service vehicle was also reviewed and a decision taken to move from a standard Ford Transit model to a Ford Transit Trend model that will allow Finning's engineers to monitor their fuel consumption and reduce idle time.

Lesley Starling for Finning (UK) said: 'While not without its challenges, the project has been extremely well received by both the company and its employees and renewals of the fleet are now well underway with a forecast of over half of the fleet being in the renewal process by the end of 2010.'