Latest Road Tests

Road Test: BMW 430d M Sport Coupe

Road Test: BMW 430d M Sport Coupe

26 Sep 2014 09:00

With performance, economy and styling on its side, Alex Grant finds the 4 Series hard to fault.

Latest Road Tests


Latest Road Tests


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    30 Sep 2014 09:00One year on

    The Insider’s new mileage capture scheme is one year old, and proving a great success.

  • On the road: Switching off

    25 Sep 2014 09:00On the road: Switching off

    This month Anthony Ffrench-Constant is not sure he wants to live in a world full of autonomously driving cars.

  • Clamping down on "crash for cash"

    24 Sep 2014 09:00Clamping down on "crash for cash"

    Thomas Strachan, UK Insurance Manager at Northgate Plc, looks at how to take action on rising levels of "crash for cash" scams.