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Right place, right time

Right place, right time

24 Sep 2014 09:00

Renault’s UK managing director Ken Ramirez is overseeing a dramatic reinvention of the brand. By Steve Moody.

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  • What I’ve learnt

    02 Sep 2014 00:05What I’ve learnt

    IAM chief executive Simon Best talks about personal values, working ethics and sharing road space.

  • The lion’s share

    14 Aug 2014 08:00The lion’s share

    Peugeot’s fleet director Martin Gurney tells Steve Moody about his ambitions to improve the firm’s position in the sector.

  • Democratising the electric car

    13 Aug 2014 08:00Democratising the electric car

    Tesla CEO and co-founder Elon Musk discusses forthcoming plans for Europe with Alex Grant, and why the UK will be its most important market.


Latest Interviews

  • Fleet on Fleet: John Pryor of ACFO

    23 Sep 2014 09:00Fleet on Fleet: John Pryor of ACFO

    John Pryor, ACFO chairman and group fleet & travel manager at Arcadia,talks to Liz Hollands.

  • Q&A: Bob Saynor of the EST

    09 Sep 2014 08:00Q&A: Bob Saynor of the EST

    Last month saw the Energy Saving Trust announce the launch of a new Ecodriving scheme to replace its Smarter Driving programme. Bob Saynor, who manages the new Ecodriving scheme at…


  • On the road: Creature comforts

    30 Oct 2014 09:00On the road: Creature comforts

    How is it that safety of humans has improved hugely, but animals still roam free in cars, Anthony Ffrench-Constant wonders.

  • Q&A: Tom Gardiner of Aviva

    07 Oct 2014 09:00Q&A: Tom Gardiner of Aviva

    Tom Gardiner, head of claims fraud, Aviva UK and Ireland General Insurance, on the growing problem of crash for cash and how fleet drivers can avoid it.

  • One year on

    30 Sep 2014 09:00One year on

    The Insider’s new mileage capture scheme is one year old, and proving a great success.