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Keyless entry

Keyless entry

21 Oct 2014 09:00

Keyless entry systems are a potential security risk for fleets, TRACKER has warned, with thieves able to hack the technology to steal a car without needing its keyfob.

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  • How dirty are diesels?

    09 Oct 2014 09:00How dirty are diesels?

    With political pressure mounting on the fleet-favourite diesel engine, new research suggests even Euro 6 might not be the answer to Britain's pollution issues. Alex Grant investigates.…

  • Fleet analysis

    02 Oct 2014 09:00Fleet analysis

    Digging a little deeper into the topical issues affecting the fleet industry today and tomorrow... we ask Matt Freeman from CAP Consulting about the reality, the issues and the likely…

  • Fleet Geek – the latest techy developments

    18 Sep 2014 09:00Fleet Geek – the latest techy developments

    A run-through of the latest fleet gadgets, gizmos and apps.


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  • Winter warmers

    16 Oct 2014 09:00Winter warmers

    For those enjoying the autumn sunshine, it may feel too early to talk about preparing for winter. But cold weather tyres should be a consideration for any fleet, whatever the weather,…

  • The End

    14 Oct 2014 09:00The End

    There are often, hopefully relatively minor, end of contract charges when a vehicle is handed back at the end of the lease period. But how can you mitigate these charges, and lower the…

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  • Q&A: Tom Gardiner of Aviva

    07 Oct 2014 09:00Q&A: Tom Gardiner of Aviva

    Tom Gardiner, head of claims fraud, Aviva UK and Ireland General Insurance, on the growing problem of crash for cash and how fleet drivers can avoid it.

  • One year on

    30 Sep 2014 09:00One year on

    The Insider’s new mileage capture scheme is one year old, and proving a great success.

  • On the road: Switching off

    25 Sep 2014 09:00On the road: Switching off

    This month Anthony Ffrench-Constant is not sure he wants to live in a world full of autonomously driving cars.