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Smarter fleets

Smarter fleets

19 Aug 2014 08:00

Technology is to play a major role in the way fleets choose, operate and manage vehicles by the end of the decade, according to the results of a new study by the BVRLA.

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  • Data roaming

    05 Aug 2014 08:00Data roaming

    From autonomous driving to multi-modal planning, connected vehicles could make the mobile workforce of the future safer, more economical and more time-efficient too, as Alex Grant…

  • Managing a mobile workforce

    31 Jul 2014 08:00Managing a mobile workforce

    How can you keep control of a disparate fleet? Trimble has produced a report looking at how to manage a mobile workforce with fleet software. FW looks at the highlights.

  • Pump up the volume

    24 Jul 2014 08:00Pump up the volume

    With fuel being the second biggest cost to many fleets, the issue of fuel costs is a perennial fleet concern. But recent developments in the fuel cards market have once again raised awareness…


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  • Now this is range anxiety

    12 Aug 2014 08:00Now this is range anxiety

    Nobody can drive 1,000 miles to Germany and back on one tank of fuel, can they? We sent Alex Grant across Europe in a Vauxhall Insignia, armed with only travel sweets and a light right foot.…

  • Heading for a fall?

    07 Aug 2014 08:00Heading for a fall?

    Two years of buoyant new car sales are likely to address the current problem of a dearth of quality used cars. As a result, residuals of fleet stock are likely to take a hit, as Julian Kirk…


  • Getting the (Ad)Blues

    24 Jul 2014 08:00Getting the (Ad)Blues

    This month, The Insider is wondering how the advent of replenishing AdBlue in Euro 6 engines will affect his fleet.

  • What SMEs want

    17 Jul 2014 08:00What SMEs want

    With business demand for new cars continuing to grow, what acquisition services are dealers offering SMEs? Motor Trader editor Curtis Hutchinson, reports.

  • Turning heads

    15 Jul 2014 08:00Turning heads

    This month Anthony Ffrench-Constant is driven to distraction.