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Under pressure

Under pressure

12 May 2015 09:00

A new technology which radically simplifies tyre pressure checks is beginning trials at one of the UK’s busiest motorway services, and could become a valuable tool for fleets, reports Alex Grant.

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  • Autonomy in the UK

    02 Apr 2015 09:00 Autonomy in the UK

    As the UK takes its first steps towards driverless vehicle trials, Alex Grant looks at what challenges the four-year test period will have to overcome.

  • The Swiss Showcase

    24 Mar 2015 09:00 The Swiss Showcase

    Amid the glitzy unveils of this year's event, Steve Moody and Alex Grant report on what the Geneva Motor Show could mean for your fleet.

  • How secure is your fuel payment solution?

    19 Mar 2015 09:00 How secure is your fuel payment solution?

    The fuel card market is failing fleet managers when it comes to security. The industry’s heavy reliance on magnetic stripe cards is a significant weak spot in modern-day card…


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  • Paper travails

    07 May 2015 09:00 Paper travails

    Since the Government announced it was abolishing the paper driving licence, confusion has reigned over what’s happening and how the system will work. Natalie Middleton clears…

  • Drivers of change

    14 Apr 2015 09:00 Drivers of change

    With just two months until a new government comes into power, what steps does the fleet industry want to see them take to improve business mobility in the UK? Alex Grant finds out.


  • On the road: getting into scrapes

    28 May 2015 09:00 On the road: getting into scrapes

    The number of dings and dents occurring in car parks is driving Anthony Ffrench-Constant potty.

  • Devolution for road safety?

    28 May 2015 09:00 Devolution for road safety?

    Cutting deaths on the roads should not depend upon a postcode lottery, says Martin Wedge, managing director of OVL.

  • Acknowledging the best

    26 May 2015 09:00 Acknowledging the best

    The winner of the Best Fleet Dealer Network was well deserved but a surprise for a brand not on every business' radar. Curtis Hutchinson, editor of Motor Trader reports.