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A bumpy ride

A bumpy ride

27 Nov 2014 09:00

As the winter takes hold, our roads become more slippery. But as Anthony Ffrench-Constant is amazed to discover, most drivers blame equestrianism…

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  • What I've Learnt: TMC's Paul Jackson

    06 Nov 2014 09:00What I've Learnt: TMC's Paul Jackson

    The Miles Consultancy’s managing director Paul Jackson talks about change, being challenged and customer satisfaction.

  • On the road: Creature comforts

    30 Oct 2014 09:00On the road: Creature comforts

    How is it that safety of humans has improved hugely, but animals still roam free in cars, Anthony Ffrench-Constant wonders.

  • Q&A: Tom Gardiner of Aviva

    07 Oct 2014 09:00Q&A: Tom Gardiner of Aviva

    Tom Gardiner, head of claims fraud, Aviva UK and Ireland General Insurance, on the growing problem of crash for cash and how fleet drivers can avoid it.


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  • The Insider: Things I hate to hear

    13 Nov 2014 09:00The Insider: Things I hate to hear

    When you’ve worked in fleet for as long as The Insider, you have pretty much heard it all….

  • A touch of class

    13 Nov 2014 09:00A touch of class

    Ford's about to go upmarket with its new Vignale sub-brand and user-choosers can expect a red carpet treatment from dealers accredited to sell it. Motor Trader editor Curtis Hutchinson…

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  • Technology: Part of the Process

    20 Nov 2014 09:00Technology: Part of the Process

    Using innovations from super computers, the small but powerful Tegra K1 chip is set to introduce unprecedented functionality and design into tomorrow’s cars, as Alex Grant…

  • Stopping power

    11 Nov 2014 09:00Stopping power

    As winter closes in and roads become more hazardous, brake condition is a vital aspect of fleet safety. But with advances in vehicle design, braking has become more complex, and potentially…

  • Fleet Geek – the latest techy developments

    04 Nov 2014 09:00Fleet Geek – the latest techy developments

    A runthrough of the latest technical developments for fleets.